Karate- Jutsuis a South African based school of Self Defence

that has been designed for the south African environment. We concentrate on street survival. It is suitable for men, women and children of all ages and physical abilities. Our unique program teaches the student unarmed defense as well as the use of certain weapons in defense.

Weapons taught include Nunchaka, Bo (long staff), Tonfa and Sai. These weapons are highly effective in single and multiple attack situations as well as against edged weapons

Our Philosophy

To empower children and adults by systematically building confidence and capabilities regardless of age, size or physical ability.


Our instructors are well trained, professional and dedicated.

We are a large, well run school of martial arts that has been operating since 1999

We have a fulltime administrative office

We have dojos all over the western Cape and Boland areas

All instructors are trained in teaching techniques and are regularly assessed and upgraded in their teaching abilities. This is done directly under the guidance of the founders and chief instructors

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